Unable to commit the notebook

I am unable to update the notebook for assignment. I am committing it but the aassignment is not getting updated. Please help

Are you sure you did run the cell with jovian.commit after making updates?

yes. I am commiting after every function

Correct me if I am wrong : I opened the notebook for the assignment on Google colab, edited it as per and committed after each function. The notebooks on my account are still showing the original notebook without the updates

Was there any problem with the commit? Asking for API key/filename/project name/colab file ID?

It did ask for the API key and I provided it with mine.

Its saving three four versions of unupdated assignments

What do you mean by unupdated? Like you don’t see changes before the commit?

Post a screenshot of the cell with jovian.commit() along with it’s output.


I have four versions which do not have any changes

Are the cells before this one executed?

Yes. They are executed.

I see you’re doing the first assignment.

Perhaps the error stopped the execution of the other cells?

Also I would try to use project="pytorch-tensors", maybe there’s some problem with the space and it doesn’t accept this project, even while saying it’s commited.

Yes. I joined late.
I will run the cells with this name and get back. Thank you.

It is still not working

should I copy to drive, download it,then upload the notebook and then submit the url for notebook?
It is not updating automatically so i am guessing there will be issues with submitting as well.

Maybe you have to set the colab file ID.

No idea where to find it though, never used colab to make any assignment :stuck_out_tongue: But it’s described somewhere on the forum probably.

BTW I see that your notebook got “updated” on the jovian profile page. No idea if it reflects any changes you’ve made, but in theory the update was successful.

I also suspect you’re using two different names:

  • “pytorch-tensors”
  • “01-tensor-operations”

You have to be consistent when using a project name, otherwise you’ll update into 2 different projects.

I think the issue is with the Colab ID only. Thanks for the help.