Uploading a geojson file


Im having an issue uploading this geojson file to my project.

I am downloading my geojson file from here.

when I try to upload in on my jovian project
this message comes up

Hi Scott,
Please try uploading it as an “Artifact”.

Thank you aakash, I was able to upload fine,

now im trying to open the file and having an issue

now im getting an error trying to open that file

what should I change in my code so that I can open my artifact?

Hi Scott,
Can you click “File” > “Open” and check whether the file is present on Jupyter? Also, if your notebook is public, please share the link here.

Thank you Aakash I fixed my problem. I needed to upload the file in the actual Jupiter notebook

Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 3.26.15 PM|690x208

and I was able to open it and access the features using this code