Uploading files into jupyter notebook(Problem)

Every time I visit the course project notebook,I have to upload the .csv files again and again despite putting the files argument inside the jovian.commit() method , what to do?


I am also having the same problem can someone help out?
If the only solution is to upload the file again and again how will someone else run our notebook as the dataset is in our system!
@aakashns it will be great if you can help us out!

Same here uploaded files are not in the folder the next time I restart it >
despite having the jovian.commit(project=project_name, files=[“Sales_January_2019.csv” ])> Please help.

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I was going to ask something similar. I uploaded the CSV file using the jovian.commit command, just like all of you, but the file is saved only on the current version. This is the reason why when it’s opened again, the file is not available.

I mean… if the file is saved in Version 1, then it will be available for Version 2, but if you commit without passing the file parameter “jovian.commit()”, then for Version 3 the file it’s not available anymore.

Is there a way to keep the file available for all versions? Or should I upload the file every time I run the commit command? Like this:

jovian.commit(project=project, files=['data_recent_years.csv'])

I wonder if we won’t run out of memory space to work with our notebook

Hello everyone , this issue can be solved by committing the notebook using only the ‘jovian’ method but not the commit button on the menu tab , hope it helps.

At least me, I’ve never used the buttons to commit the work, only the command line

Hi Hada,

Did you resolve this issue? I have the same issue and haven’t found a solution :frowning: