[Webinar] How to start a career in Data Science

Livestream link: https://bit.ly/careerindata
Slides: https://www.slideshare.net/AakashNS2/how-to-start-a-career-in-data-science-jovianml

There’s no shortage of data science courses, tutorials, and learning materials available online. However, it can often feel intimidating as a beginner to figure out where to start, and how to build a data science career the right way.

We are hosting a webinar on “How to start a career in Data Science” on July 18th (Saturday) at 9 PM IST/3.30 PM GMT on Jovian.ml YouTube Channel.

The webinar will be streamed here: https://bit.ly/careerindata
There is no registration needed to attend the webinar.

The topics that we will cover in this webinar are:

  • Skills and Domains
  • Courses, Certifications & Books
  • Projects
  • Job roles
  • Resume & Professional profile
  • Job Hunting & Interviews

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Please ask questions by replying on this forum topic. We will use the same for questions/answers during the live webinar as well.


I wanted to know the way around to start my Data Analytics journey, like course I should pick among the plenty available, the projects I must do to pave a way with less uncertainties.


Hey I am Neha. Having around 1 yrs of experience in the field of Data Science. But the problem I am facing right now if I am not getting interesting projects at my current firm; and many of the job openings require more than 2-3 + yrs of experience. At this stage can this problem be covered how to overcome this experience requirement with your skillset and get placed in a reputed organisation.


I had a doubt about where does data science and machine learning seperate. I have just started with this subject and i am not sure if i am doing the correct things.


How can someone find freelance data science projects to work on?



  1. How do I start my journey on business analyst. For example, what kind of tools should I know? or any skills do I need to required ?

  2. What is the difference between data analyst and business analyst?

  3. Even I did not have any certificate for data science can I still able to work in Data analyst and business analyst?

4.Do data analyst and business analyst consider the same? Because this two is dealing with data.

I hope all my question is able to be answer. Thanks Jovian.ml team !


My questions is
I am aware of Machine learning, deep learning etc I have minimal knowledge of topics to get things done.
But still I am kind of afraid for picking up new projects
At time when I do, I become clueless about how to work on that idea.

In a year I will a graduate engineer with a major in computer science, should I be getting a job in data science?
If not, I am preparing for SDE roles in general but can I later transit to Data science after Mtech/MS?

Thank you so much!


I’m 45yrs and worked and have expert knowledge in both Marketing analytics and Data Management/Stewardship with some Statistics and a basic Science degree and an MBA.

I had taken a break in career. I completed certifications in Data Mining/Data Analytics in person, online courses in pyspark and now pytorch and also Qliksense/PowerBI and have very good knowledge/understanding in them. I hoped to capitalize on my new knowledge(with previous experience) and its possible application in a new job, in Marketing Analytics or as a Data Scientist.

As a freelancer, have experience in a couple of complete project working for friends. I do not have any freelance projects on hand now nor do I get any interview calls for job applications from couple of years.
What is the expectations of the industry? Is there a gap in my expertise? How can I start working again? Any ideas!!


Still many companies are not confident that ML can really help. I work for a company where we build rule based system which is working fine from last 6 yrs. Sometimes, it difficult to convince higher level people for ML revolution. What the right way to do quick POC.

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I have completed zero to gan, fastai course. I dont know the way to move forward, like what projects to try and where to apply for job?


Hi, I am currently working for last 1 year and I get to work on diverse technologies mainly focusing on ML but I want to get some interesting projects to work as an ML engineer. How to pursue it and get a reply from companies where I apply. I have applied multiple times but couldn’t get any reply even if i matched the requirements. If possible please suggest how to make a resume which showcases my skill and area of interest properly. Recently some people told that my resume fails ATS as it is in pdf, is that true?


hi ,
I’m a fresher , i don’t know how to enter into data science field i have been learning everything which is a part of data science . please suggest if i do any internship or attending any interviews directly what should i do and how can i approach to get a job , as of my knowledge many company’s are asking only experience


Hi, can you suggest some ways we can get into Data Science internships. It would be super helpful.

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What are the chances of entering this area of industry job for a PhD holder academician with 13 years of teaching experience? I am teaching engineering students, subjects like python and machine learning but kind of feeling saturated with the teaching job and wants to switch to the industry.

I’m in my final year of BTech and I am in a bit of a confusion. How do I know if I’m right for the job of a Data Scientist?

A lot is mentioned about the data Science pre-requisites themselves. But the manner in which it is taught at universities makes us misleadingly think that we can know ‘Pure Data Science’ and walk straight into a particular industry sector. In reality though, many jobs (and freelance projects for that matter) require us to have quite a strong background in the industry sector in which we intend to apply it (e.g. Food Industry, Healthcare, Retail etc.). Obviously universities will not teach this (unless we are doing a double major degree), so until we are able to get an internship (which can also be very hard to find), how to we bridge this gap?

On a completely different note, what is the best way to progress from ‘proof of concept’ Machine Learning model to ‘production-ready’ model?

Hello i have 10 years of QA/testing experience. Can you advise how easy or difficult to get into data science field considering i still need to continue existing job?

When we go to any course website to purchase them…we see they have data science course different and AI-ML different.
So, which one we should choose as python is the first step for both as a beginner.
Please suggest some paid courses like Upgrad in India.
Thank you

I am also 40 and would like to start a career in programming and coding again. I have done MCSE and Advance Diploma in Software Programming from a reputed institute in addition to B.Com. Is it the right time to start a career again in programming and coding or its too late for my age?

I am interested in zero to pandas course. please inform once it starts