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Note: This is just a mirror of the NLP Course Notebook, for the meetup. Please refer to the Course Github Repo for the latest updates

Neural text generation

In [1]:
from seq2seq import *
In [2]:
path = Config().data_path()/'giga-fren'
data = load_data(path)
model_path = Config().model_path()
emb_enc = torch.load(model_path/'fr_emb.pth')
emb_dec = torch.load(model_path/'en_emb.pth')
In [3]:
class Seq2SeqRNN_attn(nn.Module):
    def __init__(self, emb_enc, emb_dec, nh, out_sl, nl=2, bos_idx=0, pad_idx=1):
        super().__init__(),self.nh,self.out_sl,self.pr_force = nl,nh,out_sl,1
        self.bos_idx,self.pad_idx = bos_idx,pad_idx
        self.emb_enc,self.emb_dec = emb_enc,emb_dec
        self.emb_sz_enc,self.emb_sz_dec = emb_enc.embedding_dim,emb_dec.embedding_dim
        self.voc_sz_dec = emb_dec.num_embeddings
        self.emb_enc_drop = nn.Dropout(0.15)
        self.gru_enc = nn.GRU(self.emb_sz_enc, nh, num_layers=nl, dropout=0.25, 
                              batch_first=True, bidirectional=True)
        self.out_enc = nn.Linear(2*nh, self.emb_sz_dec, bias=False)
        self.gru_dec = nn.GRU(self.emb_sz_dec + 2*nh, self.emb_sz_dec, num_layers=nl,
                              dropout=0.1, batch_first=True)
        self.out_drop = nn.Dropout(0.35)
        self.out = nn.Linear(self.emb_sz_dec, self.voc_sz_dec) =
        self.enc_att = nn.Linear(2*nh, self.emb_sz_dec, bias=False)
        self.hid_att = nn.Linear(self.emb_sz_dec, self.emb_sz_dec)
        self.V =  self.init_param(self.emb_sz_dec)
    def encoder(self, bs, inp):
        h = self.initHidden(bs)
        emb = self.emb_enc_drop(self.emb_enc(inp))
        enc_out, hid = self.gru_enc(emb, 2*h)
        pre_hid = hid.view(2,, bs, self.nh).permute(1,2,0,3).contiguous()
        pre_hid = pre_hid.view(, bs, 2*self.nh)
        hid = self.out_enc(pre_hid)
        return hid,enc_out
    def decoder(self, dec_inp, hid, enc_att, enc_out):
        hid_att = self.hid_att(hid[-1])
        u = torch.tanh(enc_att + hid_att[:,None])
        attn_wgts = F.softmax(u @ self.V, 1)
        ctx = (attn_wgts[...,None] * enc_out).sum(1)
        emb = self.emb_dec(dec_inp)
        outp, hid = self.gru_dec([emb, ctx], 1)[:,None], hid)
        outp = self.out(self.out_drop(outp[:,0]))
        return hid, outp
    def forward(self, inp, targ=None):
        bs, sl = inp.size()
        hid,enc_out = self.encoder(bs, inp)
        dec_inp = inp.new_zeros(bs).long() + self.bos_idx
        enc_att = self.enc_att(enc_out)
        res = []
        for i in range(self.out_sl):
            hid, outp = self.decoder(dec_inp, hid, enc_att, enc_out)
            dec_inp = outp.max(1)[1]
            if (dec_inp==self.pad_idx).all(): break
            if (targ is not None) and (random.random()<self.pr_force):
                if i>=targ.shape[1]: continue
                dec_inp = targ[:,i]
        return torch.stack(res, dim=1)

    def initHidden(self, bs): return one_param(self).new_zeros(2*, bs, self.nh)
    def init_param(self, *sz): return nn.Parameter(torch.randn(sz)/math.sqrt(sz[0]))
In [4]:
model = Seq2SeqRNN_attn(emb_enc, emb_dec, 256, 30)
learn = Learner(data, model, loss_func=seq2seq_loss, metrics=seq2seq_acc,
                callback_fns=partial(TeacherForcing, end_epoch=30))
In [14]:
learn.fit_one_cycle(5, 3e-3)
In [19]:
In [5]:
/home/jhoward/anaconda3/lib/python3.7/site-packages/torch/ UserWarning: Couldn't retrieve source code for container of type Seq2SeqRNN_attn. It won't be checked for correctness upon loading. "type " + obj.__name__ + ". It won't be checked "
In [7]:
def preds_acts(learn, ds_type=DatasetType.Valid):
    "Same as `get_predictions` but also returns non-reconstructed activations"
    ds =
    rxs,rys,rzs,xs,ys,zs = [],[],[],[],[],[] # 'r' == 'reconstructed'
    with torch.no_grad():
        for xb,yb in progress_bar(learn.dl(ds_type)):
            out = learn.model(xb)
            for x,y,z in zip(xb,yb,out):
                preds = z.argmax(1)
                for a,b in zip([xs,ys,zs],[x,y,z]): a.append(b)
    return rxs,rys,rzs,xs,ys,zs
In [8]:
rxs,rys,rzs,xs,ys,zs = preds_acts(learn)
In [10]:
rx,ry,rz = rxs[idx],rys[idx],rzs[idx]
x,y,z = xs[idx],ys[idx],zs[idx]
(Text xxbos quelles sont les lacunes qui existent encore dans notre connaissance du travail autonome et sur lesquelles les recherches devraient se concentrer à l’avenir ?,
 Text xxbos what gaps remain in our knowledge of xxunk on which future research should focus ?,
 Text xxbos what gaps are needed in our work and what is the research of the work and what research will be in place to future ?)
In [11]:
def select_topk(outp, k=5):
    probs = F.softmax(outp,dim=-1)
    vals,idxs = probs.topk(k, dim=-1)
    return idxs[torch.randint(k, (1,))]
In [12]:
from random import choice

def select_nucleus(outp, p=0.5):
    probs = F.softmax(outp,dim=-1)
    idxs = torch.argsort(probs, descending=True)
    res,cumsum = [],0.
    for idx in idxs:
        cumsum += probs[idx]
        if cumsum>p: return idxs.new_tensor([choice(res)])
In [13]:
def decode(self, inp):
    inp = inp[None]
    bs, sl = inp.size()
    hid,enc_out = self.encoder(bs, inp)
    dec_inp = inp.new_zeros(bs).long() + self.bos_idx
    enc_att = self.enc_att(enc_out)

    res = []
    for i in range(self.out_sl):
        hid, outp = self.decoder(dec_inp, hid, enc_att, enc_out)
        dec_inp = select_nucleus(outp[0], p=0.3)
#         dec_inp = select_topk(outp[0], k=2)
        if (dec_inp==self.pad_idx).all(): break
In [14]:
def predict_with_decode(learn, x, y):
    ds =
    with torch.no_grad():
        out = decode(learn.model, x)
        rx = ds.x.reconstruct(x)
        ry = ds.y.reconstruct(y)
        rz = ds.y.reconstruct(out)
    return rx,ry,rz
In [91]:
rx,ry,rz = predict_with_decode(learn, x, y)
Text xxbos what gaps are needed in our understanding of work and security and how research will need to be put in place ?
In [1]:
import jovian
In [ ]:
[jovian] Saving notebook..
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