Building Custom AI Powered Apps with ChatGPT

How to Build an AI: The Chronicles of Jobot


Build and deploy an AI-powered application using OpenAI ChatGPT API


Step 1 - Get Access to OpenAI API

  • Sign up on the OpenAI API Platform
  • Add payment method & generate API key
  • Explore the API docs and identify required APIs
  • Explore APIs using the OpenAI Playground

Step 2 - Development Setup & API Connection

  • Create an GitHub repository & open it on Codespaces
  • Initialize a NextJS application and install dependencies
  • Connect to the OpenAI APIs using the [usellm]( library
  • Create a simple chat interface to interact with the API

Step 3 - Build AI-Powered Application Features

  • Create a wireframe to sketch out the UI for the required use case
  • Implement the user interface using React and Tailwind CSS
  • Implement the functionality using OpenAI APIs using the usellm library
  • Test functionality and adjust prompts and other options as required

Once developed, the application can be deployed to a platform like Vercel.

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