Natural Language Processing: Zero to NLP


"Natural Language Processing: Zero to NLP" is a practical introduction to modern natural language processing techniques, tools, and ML models. The course takes a coding-focused approach towards understanding and applying ideas from 50+ years of NLP research to real-world problems and datasets.

Prerequisites: Data Analysis with Python, Machine Learning with Python, and Deep Learning with PyTorch (basic knowledge)

NOTE: This course is currently paused (since Jan 2023), we'll send out an announcement when we're ready to add new lectures.

Lesson 1 - Text Classification with Bag of Words

  • Overview of text preprocessing techniques
  • Bag of Words intuition & implementation
  • Machine learning for text classification

Assignment 1 - TF-IDF and Sentiment Analysis

  • Implement TF-IDF with n-grams
  • Train ML models for sentiment analysis
  • Make predictions and submit to Kaggle

Lesson 2 - Neural Networks and Deep Learning

  • Convert TF-IDF vectors to PyTorch tensors
  • Build and train feedforward neural networks
  • Make predictions and evaluate models

Lesson 3 - Recurrent Neural Networks & Embeddings

  • Word embeddings using Torchtext
  • Creating RNNs & LSTMs in PyTorch
  • Training & evaluation with PyTorch Lightning

Lesson 4 - Language Models and Text Generation

  • Training language models from scratch
  • Text generation with language models
  • Using language models for classification

Lesson 5 - Transformers, Pretrained Models, and Finetuning

  • Transformer attention mechanism intuition
  • Building & training transformers in PyTorch
  • Finetuning pretrained language models

Course Project - Applied Natural Language Processing

  • Pick a real-world dataset & problem statement
  • Perform preprocessing & prepare data for training
  • Train and compare different NLP models

Lesson 6 - Frontiers in Natural Language Processing

  • Question answering systems and chatbots
  • Machine translation and speech-to-text
  • Image captioning and text-to-image generation

Certificate of Accomplishment

Earn a verified certificate of accomplishment (sample) for FREE by completing all weekly assignments and the course project. The certificate can be added to your LinkedIn profile, linked from your Resume, and downloaded as a PDF.

Instructor - Aakash N S

Aakash N S is the co-founder and CEO of Jovian. Previously, Aakash has worked as a software engineer (APIs & Data Platforms) at Twitter in Ireland & San Francisco and graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. He’s also an avid blogger, open-source contributor, and online educator.