SQL and Business Intelligence

SQL and Business Intelligence


This course is a beginner-friendly introduction to the Structured Query Language (SQL) and Business Intelligence tools like Microsoft Excel and Tableau. By the end of this course, you will build an interactive business intelligence dashboard using a real-world dataset.

Lesson 1 - Relational Databases and SQL

  • Setting up MySQL and creating tables
  • Inserting and querying data with SQL
  • Keys, references, and aggregations

Lesson 2 - Aggregation and Joins with SQL

  • Aggregation functions and grouping
  • Combining data with SQL joins
  • Improving performance with indexes

Assignment 1 - SQL Querying Practice

  • Selection, filtering, and ordering
  • Functions, aggregations, and joins
  • Adding new tables and records

Lesson 3 - Window Functions in SQL

  • Syntax and use cases of window functions
  • Aggregation, ranking, and value functions
  • Advanced windowing with rows & ranges

Lesson 4 - Advanced Topics in SQL

  • Working with dates and strings
  • Advanced clauses and functions
  • Stored procedures and recursion

Assignment 2 - Advanced SQL Practice

  • Window Function Syntax
  • Date, Aggregate & Ranking Functions

Lesson 5 - Data Analysis and Visualization with Excel

  • Working with sheets, cells, formulas & functions
  • Analyzing and visualizing a real-world dataset
  • Styling, data validation & conditional formatting

Lesson 6 - Tableau for Visualization & Dashboards

  • Installing Tableau and importing data
  • Answering questions using visualizations
  • Creating interactive online dashboards

Lesson 7 - Dashboarding with Power BI

  • Installing Power BI and importing data
  • Answering questions using visualizations
  • Publishing interactive dashboards online

Project - Business Intelligence Dashboard

  • Data analysis using Microsoft Excel
  • Data visualization using Tableau
  • Creating and publishing dashboards

Lesson 8 - Solving SQL Challenges

  • Finding practice problems online
  • 3 Step Approach for solving SQL problems
  • Approaching Stratascratch, LeetCode & Hackerrank problems