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Assignment - Sentiment Analysis of Movie Reviews


Problem Statement: Apply the TF-IDF technique to train ML models for sentiment analysis using data from the "Sentiment Analysis on Movie Reviews" Kaggle competition.


  1. Download and Explore Dataset
  2. Implement the TF-IDF Technique
  3. Train baseline model & submit to Kaggle
  4. Train & finetune different ML models
  5. Document & submit your notebook

Dataset: https://www.kaggle.com/c/sentiment-analysis-on-movie-reviews

Download and Explore the Data


  1. Download Dataset from Kaggle
  2. Explore and visualize data

Download Dataset from Kaggle

  • Read the "Description", "Evaluation" and "Data" sections on the Kaggle competition page carefully
  • Make sure to download the kaggle.json file from your Kaggle account and upload it on Colab