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As you can see below, only the image inserted using image url is successfully showing here even though while running jupyter notebook locally, all the images (inserted from local drive also) were visible.

If you know a way around, please comment using individual cell comment. Visit individual cell in this notebook to find cell comment option on top right corner of that cell.

Inserting Image in Jupyter Notebook

Inserting directly from local drive

1. Drag and drop

In markdown cell only


2. With image directory

In markdown cell only


Image should be in same directory as Jupyter notebook. Elsewhere is not working for me.

3. Using HTML

In markdown cell only

<img src = "img_dir" style="height:50px" >

Again, image directory should be same as jupyter notebook. Elsewhere is not working for me.

Inserting image from image url

In markdown cell only



In [1]:
import jovian
In [ ]:
jovian.commit(project="inserting-image-in-jupyter-notebook", files=["betelgeuse.jpg", "sun.jpg"], filename="inserting-image-in-jupyter-notebook.ipynb")
In [ ]: