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DSNet NLP: 14/7, 6PM IST Meetup

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Where to find the updates:


  • Intro
  • About the Study Group
  • Videos 4-5 Review by Sanyam Bhutani
  • Q&A, Discussions
  • Next Steps & Homeworks
  • Resources

About the Study Group

The goal of the study group is to provide support and encouragement to course participants to help them overcome any rough patches, stick with it longer, and learn more. We use the following to do this:

FastAI channel on the slack. We’ll be collaborating via the DSNet Online Meetup Slack group, which you’ll automatically be invited to when you join the meetup. When study groups are underway the conversation there can be quite lively. Once you’ve joined the Slack, introduce yourself on the #intro channel and join the #fastai channel for updates.

Weekly help sessions via Zoom. We meet weekly via video conference to discuss the lessons, what we’ve learned so far, and any stumbling blocks. Participants are encouraged to join whether or not they have specific issues they need help wit

Study Group Format

  • Hosted by DSNet Community
  • Presented by Sanyam Bhutani
  • Participant presentations ~5 min (reach out to @init27 if you would like to present)
  • Focus on homework and projects

Roughly half discussion on the lesson and the other half mini presentations on library, projects, kaggle, etc. (we can adjust the time allocated to each based on need)

Where to ask for help?

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