Project - Step-by-Step Solution to a Programming Problem

Data Structures and Algorithms in Python

For the course project, you will pick any programming problem of your choice, solve it step-by-step, and explain your solution.

  1. Pick a problem from an online source (LeetCode, HackerRank, GeeksForGeeks etc.)
  2. Use the problem-solving template to solve the problem step-by-step using the method you've learned in this course
  3. Document your solution and perform complexity analysis by adding explanations to your Jupyter notebook
  4. Publish your Jupyter notebook to your Jovian profile and share it with the community.
  5. Submit the link to your Jovian notebook here.

Make sure to review the evaluation criteria below.

Assignment Notebook

Use the starter notebook(s) to get started with the assignment. Read the problem statement, follow the instructions, add your solutions, and make a submission.

Make a Submission

Use the following command to submit directly from the notebook
Notebook Link (Required)
You can submit multiple times. Only your last submission will be evaluated.

Evaluation Criteria

  • You must use the starter notebook (problem-solving template)
  • Your notebook should contain a problem statement and the link to the original source of the problem
  • Your notebook should be marked as "Public" (not "Secret" or "Private")
  • Each step of the method should be implemented
  • Your notebook should execute end to end without errors
  • Your notebook should contain proper test cases
  • Your notebook should contain proper explanations
  • Your notebook should not be plagiarized from someone else. Please submit your own work.
  • Your notebook should include complexity analysis
  • The problem you pick should involve at least one optimization step, using one or more of the data structures and algorithms covered in this course.


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